If you want it to be easier, warmer and safer to get to the Rack and back, send a comment right now!

In a public hearingĀ on Monday, the Planning & Zoning Commission will revisit their approval of the Rack design at the Mall at Sears. This is the first chance the public has had to comment.

Comments must be received by this Friday at noon.

Tell them that under Muni Code, the Nordstrom Rack plan should not have been approved:

  • Removing the sidewalk by a parking lot is unsafe.
  • Making shoppers walk 7 times farther (and outside) is inconvenient.
  • Making it harder for all shoppers to access Mall seating is just plain wrong!
  • You also can email comments to: JohnsonSL@ci.anchorage.ak.us, including Case #2016-0023 in the email subject.
  • And you can fax comments to: 907-343-7927, including Case #2016-0023 in the Fax Memo.

You are also welcome to attend the meeting and tell the Commission in person:

6:30PM, Monday, June 13, downstairs at the Loussac Library

To learn more – Visit our website at www.mallatsears.com/web/appeal