Mall Monitor

August 2022 News & Updates

General Updates

Reminder that effective Monday, August 1, 2022, the mall will begin closing at 7pm on weekdays. Weekend hours will remain the same.
This will make the mall’s operational hours as follows:
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: Noon – 6pm

Reminder that audible fire alarm testing will take place Wednesday, July 27th shortly after 8:30 am. The contractor will attempt to keep audible testing to a minimum and is expected to finish prior to the Mall opening.

Effective Friday, August 5, 2022, Securitas will serve Midtown Mall as our new guard service. Thereafter, Tenants will continue to call the Mall security cell phone for security matters that may arise.

June 2022 traffic charts can be found here:

Property Management

Bathroom Policy

To eliminate any further doubt, the Midtown Mall restrooms are public and are not subject to purchases to gain access.

The locks were installed on the bathrooms to allow security to monitor and eliminate nuisance activities in the bathroom from the transient population/nuisance guests.

Codes can be provided to all guests unless they are a known nuisance or previously trespassed. If any Tenant or its employees are uncomfortable with providing the code, please defer the guest to security.

Scheduled Codes

Here is the code schedule for the next several weeks. Additional codes will continue to be provided via the newsletter. Thank you to Tenants who provided feedback about codes not working as scheduled. Cange was able to address the issue and they should work as expected going forward.


If required, please email your sales information to by the specified date in your Lease/License Agreement.

Cange Group has been experiencing several mail-service delays; Tenants have reported their rent payments have been returned and they have not been receiving their Lease statements.
Furthermore, payments that are received are taking approximately two weeks to be delivered to the Cange mail receptacle. Cange Group asks that you plan your payments accordingly to avoid late fees and/or interest. Tenants can review their Lease for their specific terms.
Given these issues, Cange Group highly encourages tenants to sign up for emailed statements and to pay via ACH. If you are interested in setting up either feature and if there are any issues regarding your rent payment or statements, contact Cange Group at your earliest opportunity.

Property Management Contacts

General Inquiries & Maintenance Requests (24/7):
Phone: (907)929-9966

Accounting: Amanda Doughty
Phone: (907)929-3355

Security Mall Phone: (907)440-0048


Remember to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available to you as a mall tenant!

  • Social Media Marketing to 10k+ followers, plus targeted paid ads
  • Interior signage & display windows
  • Exterior banners
  • Electronic message center that half of Anchorage drives by every day

Keep us updated on your new products, sales and events and we can help you market them.

Marketing Contact

Amber Musso – Marketing Director
Phone: (907)602-6225


Employee Parking
As mall traffic increases, employees are reminded to park towards the back of the parking lot in order to allow customers to park near the mall entrance.

Leasing Department Contacts

Cycelia Gumennik – Leasing Director/Broker
Phone: (907)564-2496

Nicole McVittie – Licensed Leasing Assistant
Phone: (907)564-2412


Monday, August, 1 2022 New mall hours take effect:
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: Noon – 6pm
Monday, September, 5 2022 Labor Day – The Mall will be open Noon – 6pm
Tuesday, September, 20 2022 PFD Direct Deposit Distribution


Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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Amanda – Property management, security & janitorial
Amber – Marketing, signage, displays & kiosk rentals
Cycelia – Leases and license agreements